A Passionflix subscription can be cancelled any time. You need to cancel in the store where you purchased it.

Purchased on passionflix.com

You can cancel your subscription on our website. To prevent unwanted charges on your credit card please cancel your subscription latest 2 days before your billing date.

  1. Log in to your account through the web browser (not the app)
  2. Click on the "You" section in the top right corner
  3. Choose "My Plan > ‘Cancel subscription’
  4. Give your feedback and then click on cancel

If you do so a message will tell you when the current billing period will end. At the end of your billing period, you will still be able to log in but if you want to watch something you need to subscribe again.

Purchased through the iOS or Android app

If you purchased the subscription directly in the mobile app you need to cancel your subscription in your Apple or Google account.


If you have started your subscription through a Roku device, please make sure that you also cancel the other subscription from there. If you need help with that please contact Roku support.

Amazon Prime

If you watch Passionflix movies through Amazon Prime please contact Amazon to manage your subscription.