If you discover that your credit has been charged twice for Passionflix please answer the following questions:

Are the payments charged on the same day?

If they are charged on different days you most likely have started 2 subscriptions in different accounts.

If they are charged on the same day it could be related to a second account or a technical error on our side.

Can you play Passionflix content on Roku and passionflix.com?

If yes, then you have two active subscriptions. One with passionflix.com and one with Roku. We offer Roku only as add-on service.

In all cases, customer support can help you to find double accounts and decide which subscription to keep. When you contact us at support@passionflix.com please provide the following information:

  • contact email address
  • profile name
  • the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to pay for your subscription

We will then use that data to search in our database and provide you with the correct information regarding your accounts and subscription status.