If you want to watch movies with Passionflix on your mobile device (iOS, Android), web browser or Smart TV (Samsung, Android TV) then you need to purchase a subscription on our website. Follow these steps

  1. Create an account or log in to your account if you already have one
  2. Go to https://watch.passionflix.com/checkout/
  3. Enter your credit card credentials
  4. Confirm the purchase
  5. After the payment went through you can watch as many movies as you want

We will charge you in US dollars. Additional bank fees might apply if your bank account has a different currency. 

Got a promo code or gift card?

If you have bought a gift card or received a promo code please follow the steps described in this article.

Want to watch on Roku?

We only offer Roku as an addon service and you will need to add a subscription through Roku directly if you want to watch Passionflix content on that device.