If you are paying for a subscription but you are still confronted with a message saying "please purchase a subscription" do the following:

Check with which account you're logged into the Passionflix service

It might be that you have created a second account that has no active subscription. In that case logout and login with the correct email address.         if you are not sure in which account you have started the subscription then please contact customer support at support@passionflix.com and we will help you out.

Check if you are paying through Passionflix.com or Roku

If you can watch Passionflix movies on Roku but not on passionflix.com or the Passionflix apps then you might have started a subscription only for Roku. Roku is offered as an add-on service and login and payments are handled separately.

If you receive another error message please check out our technical help section for your specific device. There you will find basic troubleshooting guidelines that you can go through first.