Technology is pretty tricky. And sometimes things we want to make happen, just can’t in the timeframe we want them to. Or for the money we have. So, here’s what we can do. 
We can offer an Add-On service for Roku. It’s not It’s a separate channel on Roku. Handled by Roku. Paid to Roku. 

Yes, you would have 2 subscriptions. One to Passionflix and one to Roku (if you want Roku). Many people don’t want Roku. But a few of you do. Some people have cancelled their subscriptions because we’re not on Roku. Others say they will cancel if we don’t make ourselves available on Roku. 

So we have added it now as an Add-On service. The Roku price is $5.99/mo. It’s paid to Roku. And in about 3 months, Roku will send a portion of that to us. This is what we can do for now if you want Roku. 

If not, Passionflix is available on all iOS and Android devices, Samsung Smart TVs and Google Chromecast.

We’re working to add more features and availability to but as mentioned above, technology is tricky. It costs a lot and it takes time. Netflix took 15 years to get where we are. So time and a lot of subscribers. Thank you for your continued support of Passionflix. We look forward to bringing you love, passion, romance and happy endings for many years to come!